Peru Satipo Finca Tasta

Peru Satipo Finca Tasta


Peru Finca Tasta


Edith Meza Sagarvinaga & Ivan Meza Sagarvinaga, Finca Tasta

Red (80%) & Yellow Caturra (20%)

Challhuamayo community, Laylla district, Satipo province, Junín region, Peru 


-11.233789941968439, -74.58377353104876


Fully Washed and dried in the sun on elevated tables.

Loma is  pleased to offer this fine coffee from Finca Tasta, a family owned operation located in the community of Challhuamayo within the district of Laylla in the province of Satipo within the Junin region, Peru. Finca Tasta is owned and operated by two young siblings, Edith and Ivan Meza Sagarvinaga. Finca Tasta is a 56-acre estate with 19 acres cultivated with coffee and 22 acres are natural preserved forest.  


Pairs Well With:


Elvis Costello - This Year's Model, 1978, Columbia Records.


I was introduced to this record by Mike Murphy, while drinking at The Graduate in Oakland, CA. What makes me think about all of this is whenever I listen to This Year's Model, I can't stop. It is complicatedly basic, which hits the spot when you need it.

This Peru Finca Tasta is very similar. It's a red Caturra grown at high elevation in Peru - which in my experience produces a sweet and nutty espresso and drip coffee that pops and is perfect in any situation though any means of extraction. 

  • Tasting Notes

    • White Chocolate
    • Tamarindo
    • Light Milk Chocolate
    • Confectioners Sugar
    • Crisp Almond Finish
  • Brewing Recommendation

    Aeropress or Chemex

  • Origin

    Challhuamayo community, Laylla district, Satipo province, Junín region, Peru