Ethiopian Shantawene Anaerobic 48 hour Natural

Ethiopian Shantawene Anaerobic 48 hour Natural

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11 Ounces

Bombe Abore Washing Station

Sidama Region

Bensa District

Shantawene Village

Bombesite Abore Washing Station GPS Coordinates: N6°32.442'E38°50.460


Details Coffeevarieties: 74 / 158,74 / 110 and local varieties known as Setamiand Mikicho.



loamy clay


Certifications: NOP and JAS OrganicCertified, C.A.F.E.Practices





  • 2020 Good Foods Award Winner

    This Low 02 (not fully anaerobic) natural process coffee is flushed with C02 and then let to ferment for two days at a constant temperature. The result is a crystal clear fuit juice that can at times seem carbonated and crisp like a cider - all the fruits I get off of this coffee seem to be red: Strawberry, Pomegranite, Cranberry, and Red Currant.

    Perfect for a pour-over of any kind, or aeropress.

    When pulled as espresso after sitting for more than a few days the mouth-feel is glass-like... Smooth and viscous. 

    Beautiful coffee made by beautiful people. 


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    If you can't stand the coffee  - like just hate it (it's rare) - we will send you out another varietal at no cost to see how that one hits you. 

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