Our flagship community lot, Dur Feres, is a coffee we developed by popular demand and with a
heck-ton of nostalgia in mind. Founder and Sourcing Director Michael McIntyre came of age as
a coffee person in the early aughts when one of the greatest coffees in the world was Mohamed
Ogsady’s famed Harar Horse brand (with its iconic cloth label showing a horse silhouetted
against the MAO name). Coffee folks everywhere slip into nostalgia when we mention Harar
Horse coffee: its thick blueberry puree and chocolate notes took the world by storm in a time
when coffees weren’t as distinguished by origin characteristics as we now expect.

Ethiopia Dur Feres Organic Community Lot

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  • A light bodied candied coffee: Blueberries and cream, strawberry rhubarb pie, pear brandy, with a crisp cider finish.

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