SNNPR Region
Bona Zuria District, Sidama
Coffee varieties: 74/158; 74/165; 74/112; 74/110; 74/40 and local varietal name – “Zipa”
Local language(s): Sidamigna, Amharic



Tasting notes:  Pluot - Orange Juice - Kiwi – Red Clover Honey.

In an Ethiopian coffee washing station, when coffee cherries intended for washing are
run through the traditional disk pulper, a process happens which uses flowing water, screens,
and cement channels to funnel the various densities of cherries in the right direction. There are
three different densities, known as Grade 1 (1st Density/heaviest), Grade 2 (2nd Density/middle), and Grade 3 or Floaters (includes some pulp and detritus, and the lightest-density coffees). These densities are not to be confused with quality designations of Gr. 1, Gr. 2 and so on, although they do often correlate.

Grade 1 or 1st density coffees are often destined for Grade 1 export, and at sites like the ones that produced this Bona Zuria 210 lot end up creating extremely sparkly and exciting flavor profiles. Grade 2, though, is a fascinating division because, due to a number of factors, the coffee can range from really lovely, like this lot, all the way down to commercial grade. There usually isn’t much volume of the Grade 3 density cherries, and they will be dried on tarps or patios and sent to the local market. In washing stations where volume is valued above quality, the breakdown of densities is often around 50-70% 1st Density. In washing stations that maintain excellent practices such as only purchasing carefully harvested, consistently ripe
cherries and implementing practices such as initial hand sorting and floating tanks, we find there
can be as much as 80-90% 1st Density parchment in the fermentation tanks.

As part of Loma and Catalyst's Sustainability-focused sourcing program, we work very hard to support
the full economy of our partner washing stations. In some, we purchase the entire Gr. 1 production every year. However, beyond the high-density cherries, we deeply enjoy the ability to explore the Gr. 2 density offerings. Sometimes, like in this instance, we receive a delightful surprise when the parchment coffee arrives in our partner's Addis Ababa Dry Mill warehouse, and we evaluate the samples. In most cases, these lots become part of our Community Lot offerings. In the case of this coffee, it performed well above expectations.


Tasting notes:  Pluot - Orange Juice - Kiwi – Red Clover Honey.



Ethiopia Bona Zuria

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