El Salvador Finca Rosario Red Bourbon - Raisin Process

El Salvador Finca Rosario Red Bourbon - Raisin Process

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Before patios and raised beds, people harvested coffee cherries that had naturally dried on the shrub in the hot sun, then hulled them by hand and roasted them as best they could with what they had.

This 'Raisin Process' is painstaking, rare, and is probably the closest you can get to time travel with your mouth. Luckily our friend and master coffee farmer Miguel Menendez has set some aside for Loma this year. 


Notes range from sweet peanut butter to light raspberry jam - the perfect combo. At times this coffee has the aroma of a naturally processed coffee, and others it can cross into young wine. The fruit in the cup is subtle, the sugars very prominent, and the finish is crisp, clean and sparkling. 


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