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PROCESS: Orange Peel Experimental Process VARIETAL: Yellow Catuai ELEVATION: 1700 - 1850 masl REGION/PROVINCE: Jalapa - Mataquescuintla This wild-eyed coffee comes from agronomist and un-naturalist Jose Humberto Gonzalez Morales at Finca La Montañita which he started in 1984. His son Jose Humberto Gonzalez Jr. helped develop this new fermenting process by adding Orange Peels from fruit grown on the coffee farm and Belgian Beer Yeast introduced into the tank to propagate for 48 hours at 73 degrees, then Fully Washed and patio dried. This coffee is a first for Loma, and we are planning to visit this farm and take part in it's next experimental endeavors. Of course, you will taste the local Orange Fruit, Belgian Clove, Pomelo, Citron, Cardamom swirling around Light Milk Chocolate notes that hint towards Drinking Chocolate or Ice Creams. Fuzzy, Nitrous Oxide-like bubbles create an expansive crema and enormous mouth-feel. We are lucky to be partnering with the producers of this fine coffee and are being offered this lot due to our reputation as providers of novel and unique ways in which coffee can be processed and produced. In return, we will spread the word and pioneering practices being knocked out in Guatemala on Finca La Montañita... Enjoy!


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