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I've never been crazy about island coffees. The only exception is when I was lucky enough to roast and cup a friend's stash of Haitian coffee that she had packed away in her luggage (which had to have been backbreaking to try and fit in the overhead compartment.) We had a limited amount, which made roasting this coffee nerve-wracking to say the least. Add to that, I'd never had any experience with an antique Typica grown in any climate such as Haiti. So I just went for it. The coffee was soft, delicate, and unlike most that are grown near the ocean, the drying process seemed nearly perfect. As it approached first crack, I swear I smelled some Zacapa rum - but that may have just been me - and nutmeg. The development expanded very quickly, and suddenly the coffee had a fragrant hit of Magnolia flower and Vanilla. I dropped the contraband coffee in the cooling tray and awaited a cupping prior to my imminent arrest by customs agents.

The agents never showed. It was their loss. This coffee can only be described as novel: The flavors hint at rum punch and black magic.

I've never been so excited to offer a rare and unusual look into a coffee that should be produced and exported without so much political and supernatural hindrance. The fact that Loma Coffee will be the only roaster offering this on the West Coast this year demands road trips from all of you. And for those without transport, We are kicking around the Idea of having this as a subscription based coffee only, complete with a Jinx Removing Candle and a voodoo pincushion.

As always with these limited and unusual offerings, we will have a early shipment list offered to those who purchase in advance complete with a tarot card or a bone necklace for the first 25 orders.

Stay tuned for more info and pricing!


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