Bona Zuria Lot #210

Summertime is a very great time for coffee roasters, as shipments from countries like Ethiopia start trickling in and rejuvenating our spirits with the fresh aromas of some of the world's finest coffees.

Here at Loma, we're really freaking out in the best possible way about the newest arrival, an Ethiopian Bona Zuira Lot Number 210. It comes from the peerless importer for such gems, Catalyast Trade who supplied us with our Good Food Awards winning Shantawane Village 48 Hour Anaerobic Procceesed coffee and Natural processed Der Feres - which has been our go-to dessert coffee since we've had it. That particular cofffee is almost gone, but fear not - I beleive there is a Der Feres blitz this year and of course we're all salivating over the possibilities.

This is now my daily rig, my trusted coffee in any form of extraction - full of sweetness you'd expect from a Kenyan, with less molassess and more of a Buckwheat or Blackberry Honey. It's juicy, and suprises you with fruit that is a little more tropical than normal - Starfruit, Kiwi, and Nectarine shine through this stellar coffee.

I strongly suggest giving this one a go while we have it. These lovely coffees seem to evaporate... untill next season!


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