the story of

loma coffee company

Loma Coffee started out as a modest experiment – Kevin Youkillis had been operating a brewery and cafe in Los Gatos, California. Having explored the vast horizon of beer and mastering several brews, Kevin contacted Brandon Smyth about the possibility of roasting exclusively for his café.


Kevin Youkilis Co-founder of Loma Coffee
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A couple of years later a barren space was discovered in the Woodstock neighborhood in Southeast Portland that had been a service station in the 1950s and then a Bicycle repair shop in the 1970s.

As Brandon had put it:

"Something I've always noticed here is Woodstock's little town center. You can walk around and get pretty much anything you need. Everyone here has a sense of community."



A Probat P-12 roaster was installed, alongside a Synesso MVP espresso machine. These finely crafted tools would be the key to offer freshly roasted specialty coffee and an unparalleled espresso experience

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the loma formula is simple

Begin with fresh crop coffees selected and roasted by Mr. Smyth, who has had over a decade of sourcing and production experience.


Being one of the founders of Water Avenue Coffee – which had its beginning in his garage – Brandon wanted to bring unique coffees into the neighborhood for retail and wholesale accounts.

The café is designed to be unique and cheerful, which is the general standard attitude at Loma Coffee.

We don’t sneer, snob, or pretend to be anything but coffee lovers exploring the evolving ways in which to produce the best extractions and roasts that we can.

We hope you enjoy our hidden gem of a café and that our love for our craft is evident.

On this site you can explore the varietals and regions we’ve had the pleasure to cup and experiment with, as well as brew guides for all of you taking our coffee home with you.

We are very grateful to be a part of Woodstock and Portland, where everyone rises due to the unparalleled competition and wonderful work of our fellow contemporaries in this city of coffee.